40 years developing international marine projects .


We are experts in shipbuilding propulsion systems, marine metal structures, offshore wind energy projects and ship blocks.

  • Propeller Nozzles

    Propeller Nozzles

    Fixed, retractable, rotating | Steel, stainless or duplex |Welding handler.: Ø <11 m/ 100 Tonnes. | Max. capacity: 600 nozzles/year.

  • Propeller Tunnels

    Propeller Tunnels

    Standard | Retractable | Low noise level. | Ø >0.5 m L. max. 15 m. | Max. Capacity: 120 tunnels/year.

  • Rudders


    Standard, with flap, schilling, rotating. | Machined: Completed: up to 8x5 m, 60 MT. No final machining: < 20x8m/100 MT. | Max. Capacity: 120 units/year

  • BTFs


    We are experts in designing and manufacturing BTFs.

  • Net Drums

    Net Drums

    All types of net drums | All sizes. | Stainless steel or duplex. | Welding handler: Ø up to 11 m, 100 T.

  • Shipbuilding Structures

    Shipbuilding Structures

    Stabilizers, masts, ladders, hold hatches, shipbuilding construction assemblies, core sections for retractable propeller nozzles.

  • Cranes


    All sizes, stainless steel or duplex. | Maximum capacity: 100 tonnes.

  • Hydraulic Turbines

    Hydraulic Turbines

    Boilerwork for Francis, Kaplan and Pelton models | Spiral housings, pipes and intake bends, dismantling boxes, adjustment rings, distributors, etc.

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    Windfarm structures, tanks and other special constructions, including non-machined parts.