Ganaín committed to visual information on its new corporate website

Ganaín freshens up its corporate website. The company improves its cover letter on the Internet with a commitment to a website where visual information holds pride of place. With this new website, the company makes known to its customers, present and future, its strengths and capacities.

Ganaín’s new website has been developed by the companies PuntoGA Comunicación and Slottmedia.

The main objective, when dealing with the project, was to showcase the capacities and strengths of Ganaín. The company interacts with stakeholders across Europe who often wish to broaden their knowledge of Ganaín. The inclusion of photo galleries to do with lines for sectors of activity, products and services provided by Ganaín, makes it possible to convey this information in a simple manner.

Ganaín’s new website will be bilingual, in English and Spanish. .